Preparing for your float

Floatation is a very simple, organic activity, so these pointers are mostly common-sense. But to make sure you get the most out of your experience here are our recommendations:

Allow 90 minutes for your session, arriving at least 5 minutes prior to your booking time.Arriving early gives you a chance to start the process of winding-down so that you are as chilled as possible before delving into the next level of relaxation!

When you arrive we will show you to your your very own, tranquil, personal space. Nobody can bother you here. A high-spec studio with a shower, space to put your belongings and of course the float pod. To fully experience sensory deprivation it is recommended that you float nude, the float rooms are all lockable from the inside so you can rest assured that you and your belongings are safe.

After your session , you can dry your hair, moisturise and do what you need to get yourself glammed up in the dressing room. Feel free to spend as much time as you like relaxing in the chill-out area. We provide everything you will need: cool water to drink, luxurious towels, shower soaps, shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and a range of other products to leave you feeling fresh and smelling great.(you may wish to bring your own hairbrush should you require one!

We suggest avoiding caffeine or other potent stimulants before your float; as we’re sure you can imagine, coffee does not create the ideal headspace for relaxing. Don’t worry, theres a cafe right across the street for you to enjoy one afterwards with your new floaty levels of perception!

Try to make sure you are going to be comfortable for the next hour – don’t let yourself starve or get too dehydrated beforehand but don’t eat a huge meal or drink excessive amounts of water either; you ideally want your body to be nicely balanced, just like your mind will be. Of course, be sure to use the washroom beforehand. Also, keep in mind that salt can sting sensitive skin so it may not be advisable to shave immediately beforehand, although we provide vaseline to cover any cuts or grazes.

Post-Natal : If it is less than 3 months since giving birth please check with your doctor, physician or midwife before floating.

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