Floatation is a cutting edge method of relaxation and recovery for the mind and body. Our state of the art floatation pods are housed in a specially designed float studio – your very own personal space for 60 minutes of pure bliss. The highly dense epsom salt-water solution within the pod allows you to float effortlessly, suspending and relieving the body from the stresses of gravity; the float-studio environment enables a state of sensory-deprivation, reducing distractions such as light, sound and physical ‘touch’ sensations, which heightens levels of perception, leaving the mind sharp and clear. By facilitating a meditative state, the synergistic effect of all aspects of the floatation experience leaves the mind to work at its most efficient, allowing physical and mental recovery and extreme relaxation, increasing well-being, and enabling accelerated learning, goal visualizing and much, much more.

+ Powerful relaxation response

+ Increased focus

+ Increased energy

+ Improved sleep

+ Sense of calm and wellbeing

+ Heightened awareness of senses

+ Pain relief

Floating for sport

Many athletes around the world use the power of floatation to accelerate mental and

physical recovery – particularly injury recovery. Some of the more high-profile

athletes touting the benefits include Wayne Rooney, basketball superstar Steph Curry

and many Olympians including athletes from team GB.

  • Reduces lactic acid.
  • Increases energy (ATP).
  • Increases awareness and focus.
  • Ideal environment to practice visualisation

Floating for mindfulness/meditation:

A float tank is the perfect environment for meditators, yogis, artists, creatives

and anyone who appreciates the value of being ‘in the zone’ for their practices.

Yoga-lovers love floating as its a great space to stretch out and further the

practice of Shavasana. Zero-distraction environment. Facilitates prolonged

theta-brainwave state. Facilitates awareness, relaxation and calm.

Allows for weightless stretches/poses.

Floating for students:

Studies mean deadlines, and deadlines often mean stress! With so many things to organise and remember,

it can be tough to operate optimally. Floating can bring the clarity needed to organise thoughts amongst

the busy-backdrop of the students’ mind. Forget sleeping on it – Float on it!

  •  Counteracts information overload
  •  Provides valuable, efficient relaxation
  •  Frees the mind up to organise thoughts
  •  Heightens perception – helps with information intake

(Learning while floating is known as superlearning – a fairly new concept utilising specialised study

programs – watch this space for research updates!)

Floating for stress:

 Reduces stress (cortisol) levels

 Improves general wellbeing

Increases productivity and focus

 Improves posture

Floating for pain sufferers:

Pain relief is one of the most obvious benefits of floating; there are countless reports of significantly-reduced

levels of pain after spending an hour or longer in a zero-gravity environment, and it is an area of great interest

for scientific research. For example, check out this page: http://fibromyalgiaflotationproject.com. There is

significant research-support to suggest that floating lowers blood pressure, while releasing endorphins.

Floating for pregnant women:

The float-tank is the ideal environment for pregnant women to take the weight off

their feet and back, and truly connect with their baby. Heightened levels of perception

allows a mother to hear and feel their child like no other environment would allow.

Floating for sufferers of anxiety, depression and insomnia:

In today’s world its not uncommon to suffer from some form of depression or anxiety disorder.

In fact, mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental health disorder in the UK.

Floating can calm the mind, leaving you feeling lighter and taking away the power of negative

thoughts and feelings.

Floating for Creativity

Like the old saying 'Sleep on it and you'll find the answer', floatation therapy gives

your mind that time to completely switch off and let your subconscious do it's thing.

The perfect environment for your imagination to run wild.

Clear your creative block and open your mind.

Floating for Business

Floatation is being utilised by business professionals and corporations alike to counteract the

detrimental effects usually associated with high pressure jobs, and to gain the mental edge

needed in today's competitive industries.

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