Absolutely fantastic out of this world experience ...very nice people lovely setting...been wanting to experience this for a long time ..much better than I was expecting ..if you're thinking of booking I definitely would ...

Julie P

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and find floatations therapy has a very strong positive effect on my body and mind. Last week I walked into the art of float struggling with a very sore back and shoulders. When I walked out all the aches and pains had gone. I also felt really bright and happy after the session too. 
I thoroughly enjoyed being in the tank and could feel my mind and body deeply relaxing, I didn't want it to end!

Lucy M

Today was my first experience of floating, and it was amazing. It took me a little while to switch my mind off from thoughts such as: "what happens if the fire alarm goes off" and "leg, please don't knock the panic button" but once I did, it was beautiful.

It took me to a meditative state of nothingness, just things that my own mind wanted me to see. It's a sure fire way to wind down and release any stress and negativity you might be feeling.

The shop is amazing with intriguing art work - I found The King particularly thought-provoking! And the owners are super lovely, too.

Thank you, I will be back!

Julie G

First time here this evening and I was exceptionally welcomed! Great and friendly staff very good to talk to! The venue is amazing and quirky as well! Will be heading back and highly recommended to all!

Cale C

I am literally still floating from it,and have fallen in love! Wow, amazing first experience.....an hour of pure enlightenment....recommend to those who will use it for mindful experience or those just wanting a relaxation hour and reap the salt benefits! Great place,really easy going....felt really welcome n these guys are great,down to earth and easy going �....thanks guys for making it a great experience...will be booking myself a Xmas treat!

Samantha K

What an amazing experience, I had my first flotation a couple of weeks ago and can not wait to come back. The owners are so hospitable and the venue was so relaxing they really have thought of everything. It took a while to get into the initial feeling of serenity but how amazing did I feel once I did. Next time I come I hope that I relax quicker as I know what I will expect. I felt so relaxed the whole weekend, I would highly recommend that everyone tries flotation, can't wait to come back! Thank you

Karen O

Wow...just got back from my first experience of floating and what an experience it was. The word relaxation just doesn't do it justice. The guys that own the place are really lovely and made me feel super welcome, so thanks guys 🙂 very new concept for traditional old Cambridge but an absolute must try. I highly recommend this place and will be telling everyone i know. Will be back again soon 🙂

Becca C

Floating into a new adventure of relaxation and self discovery.
First, you enter an art gallery and then the incredibly friendly owners open the doors to the "main stage". By "main stage" I mean a private, soundproof room where you can float in complete darkness and find serenity in your own inner realm. An absolutely amazing experience!

Ana R

Art of Float promotes such an eclectic tranquility prior to enduring some necessary sensory deprivation. A truly life changing event.

Joshua CF

It was amazing made all my pain disappear just relaxing into nothingness absolutely bliss really recommend ill be back again soon.

Julie S

Great float session. As always. Been about 8 times now

Ronan F

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